Humans causing global warming, Feds issue dire predictions

Last Friday, Nov. 3, the Climate Science Special Report was issued, peer reviewed by the National Academy of Sciences, also signed off by the White House Office of Science and Technology, and including 100’s of Scientists, including from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These are the guys trying to save the oceans.

The good news is Trump did not interfere with or try to censor this almost 500 page report, which analysed 1,500 studies and reports-this review is mandated every four years by Congress. The better news is that Trump still hasn’t pulled out of the Paris Accord (yet). The bottom line is these guys say global warming is real, happening now, it is caused by human emissions (CO2), and it is accelerating. They laid odds at 95%-100% certainty. CO2 levels are 400 per million, not seen since three million years ago when sea levels were higher.

The worst predictions are for a slowing of the great Atlantic current, which keeps all of England balmy so good luck there. And El Nino’s will get worse, sea levels, which have risen eight inches in a hundred years, will rise even further with melting polar caps and thawing permafrost will release huge amounts of methane, accelerating the warming further. The seas are also losing oxygen (think dead zones) and turning acidic.   

I’ll add my own fears here-every coral reef in the world is already at risk from pollution, increased temperature (bleaching) and rising sea levels will worsen the decline of thousands of fish species dependant on those reefs, so we will lose ALL ocean fisheries soon. 1/4 of the world’s population loses their homes and main source of protein. Also on land, the report noted we have seen worsening heat waves (which increase wildfires), heavier downpours, more extreme weather (think hurricanes).

The gurus also said since 1950, 92-123% of the warming was contributed by humans. So you wonder how this could be over 100%? Good question-volcanic acticity and orbital changes are actually helping to slow down the catastrophy, but emissions are overtaking those effects. Of course Al Gore has already chimed in-but Trump has his hands full of other issues right now, and going into harm’s way in South Korea and Japan-meanwhile, remember Fukashima? They are still spewing millions of gallons of radiation into the Pacific every day, but it looks like that story is all but forgotten (but still ticking away).


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