Downtown Storm Lake is lacking

Excuse me. There is plenty wrong with downtown Storm Lake. Where is our fabric store (and all that goes with it)? I know women who are going by the car load to other towns to purchase all it takes to “sew.” Yes, I know we have a fine quilt store, that is not the same thing. What is the use of bringing manufacturing jobs to Storm Lake only to have those people spend their money in other towns because of our downtown lack. We need a book store (Cherokee has one).

My sister and I started a health food store and there has been one here ever since. ‘If I were twenty years younger I would start a knitting shop. If you think we do not need one, go over to the library on Wednesday morning. There are things that women will not buy on the internet: these include fabric and yarns. When Vern closed his store we also lost the possibility of buying window treatments in town. If you have to replace a window, make sure it’s the same size as the old one, or plan on going elsewhere for something to cover it, and then too be sure you know how to measure for window treatments yourself.

Where is a store for those who want craft materials? (Vern also had these). Do not talk to me about the store on the north end of town with NONE of the quality that women want.

And while I’m on a rant. What do you mean by saying without the immigrant population we would just be a town of old people waiting for their Social Security? I wonder how our regional medical center would function if ALL of their volunteers failed to show up on the same day. How many days would the Castle be open without those “old people”? There would be no Frank Starr Butterfly Garden or Blue Star marker without them either.  The list would go on and on. It’s scary to think about our Historical Society Museum without those doddering old folks to run the place. The list goes on.

Truth be told, most of your editorials are right on. Keep up the good work.


Storm Lake

P.S. Maybe if we had a group of women running for office?