Wake up Storm Lake! City election is serious.

If you have any lingering concerns about the Canadian National Railroad wanting to close more crossings in Storm Lake, or where the city might want to construct the next multi-dwelling low income housing project; you might want to raise your level of concern about who your candidates are for Storm Lake City Council. While many are giddy about having multiple interest in all vacant seats, the mathematical results of a low turnout spread over multiple candidates may diminish your happiness. It would be a shame if 150 votes put someone on the council with a city of 13-14,000 people.

One candidate, Mr. David Walker, has a voting record on the two aforementioned topics of community interest. He has shown the ability to ignore community pleasure and vote against the desires of the impacted citizenry under the guise of following “a comprehensive plan!” That comprehensive plan was formed under the direction of a previous city administrator many were happy to see leave town. Mr. Walker also views those who disagree with his vision for the city as “me, me” folks, who probably don’t know what is best for themselves or the city!

So the important question this city council election is, “Do you want a council person who is a representative of the people that will take your council seriously, or do you want a council person who is your city guardian and will decide what is best for you in all matters?” No doubt, Mr. Walker is a fine person and probably an excellent instructor at the university. We should thank him for his PAST service to the community, but recognize his vision and temperament on some IMPORTANT ISSUES don’t align with the community!



Storm Lake