I want to congratulate Mike Pence, our next president

Oh, he isn’t president yet? Well he will be, and soon. Now, with the three musketeers going off to federal court or club fed, they will start to squeal, and on top of the revolving door in the current administration, there are senators jumping ship like rats from a sinking ship. And with Tweetypie picking fights with war widows and bereaved fathers (ok, only one of each SO FAR), nobody even remembers him for seeming to support those skinheads in Charlottesville, right?

I, personally, believe our tweeter in chief, decided to release those JFK secret documents to try to out conspiracy the anticipated indictments, and trio of arrests, just Monday-my, how time flies.

Meanwhile, out on the tarmac, what with B-52’s flying out along with Ruskie bombers, to intimidate Rocketman, it appears getting Trump away from some switches might just help stop WW III, so I expect what is still left of the majority party in Washington will orchestrate a bloodless coup, putting Mike Pence in the catbird seat by Xmas, and isn’t it refreshing that Mr. Pence still seems to have clean hands after spending this much time on the coattails of Mr. Mar-a-logo?

My only question is, just what hapless mistake will be his ultimate undoing, firing Comey, or trying to fire Mueller? Obstruction of Justice one or two?


Storm Lake