Angel among us

I was saddened to hear of the passing of my friend Kathy Nichols. In these days when everyone seems to be craving the spotlight, I think of Kathy as one of those quiet people who touched and inspired me with the way she lived her life.

Kathy had many challenges, which would have caused me to feel that life was not fair, but every time I saw Kathy, she had a smile on her face. I was fortunate to get to know Kathy and her loving husband John during my years working at Faith, Hope and Charity. Kathy volunteered to read to some of the children in our care, which she did on a weekly basis. I had the privilege to bring her from her home in Alta to Faith, Hope and Charity on a few occasions. We talked about many things during our brief time together, but most of the time, she talked about how much it meant to her to read to our residents. She beamed when she told me of how the smiles on their faces gave her great pleasure.

When life seems to be too much for me, I think of Kathy and her smile. When I do, my problems seem pretty selfish and menial. I also think of how happy John was to share his lovely wife with me, and the children she loved. I sincerely hope that everyone has a Kathy in their life, one whose generosity is an example for them.

I know that John and I are among many people who will miss her. Her inspiring life and her warm, friendly smile will always be in my heart. The only things she needs to become an angel are wings, as she was truly an angel among us!


Storm Lake