Take Lake Ave. parking issues to city council?

Thank you for your editorial about the parking in the 500 block of Lake Avenue. The problem has become so bad that I asked the city manager to come and meet some of the store owners. The answer to them was why not talk to the Chamber. My suggestion that the city hire a “meter maid” was met with all kinds of excuses.

My family lost one merchant in large part due to the lack of parking for her customers, and we do not want to lose another. We do not rent the upstairs of our building (512 Lake Ave.) in part because of lack of parking. There is no doubt that the profits from those buildings comes not from renting to merchants, but to renting the second floors to residents. Even so, one would think that the owners could think enough of their first floor tenants, to have their second floor renters park SOMEWHERE ELSE.

I do not know if there is any other Lake Avenue building still in family hands as ours has been. Our great-grandfather sold the building to our grandfather at about the turn of the last century. Grandpa felt that rents to merchants should be low because “we need a downtown.” That has been a family dictate. Governor B. lowered the property taxes for those building owners, so they  really should not  bemoan some consideration for the merchants to whom they rent.  We speak as owners.

Not only does the parking cause merchant problems, but we have complained to the city for years about the trash in the gutters. When my sister and I had our health food store (Health to the Max) in our building we used large trash bags to clean the gutter which was mostly full up to the sidewalk. The lady we rented to after we closed called the city innumerable times about the gutter full of trash to no avail. (No longer the “City Beautiful”)

Thanks for a place to voice an opinion. Next stop city council?


Storm Lake