Candidate for Newell mayor

I am a candidate for Newell mayor in the upcoming city elections. I moved here in 2011 after living in Southern California for over 40 years, but I grew up on a local farm and attended school in Newell from 1954 until I graduated from Newell-Providence in 1965.

Now that I am retired from corporate America, I have the time and the desire to use my years of knowledge and skills to the advancement of the community I live in.  I believe my professional background is in line with the requirements for the office of mayor.  I spent many years working in corporate offices, assisting executives in developing 3-5 year plans and creating budgets.  I also spent time as a quality auditor (ISO 9000 certified), ensuring that business practices were conducted properly, and for the benefit of corporate customers.  The last few years of my career I worked in project management and reporting, which will uniquely help me to get the job done in Newell as mayor.

My four-year objectives are:

• Improve maintenance issues with our town parks and the municipal cemetery.

• Implement an affordable plan to replace the current 60+ year old swimming pool. 

• Address crumbling sidewalks and unpaved streets within the town limits.

• Begin a replacement project of the entire town drainage system.

• Move towards promoting ideas to improve the Main Street area as empty lots continue to increase and older buildings continue to deteriorate.

• Work with the Newell-Fonda School District to support their 10-year plan for growth, by developing a plan to provide the housing needed to bring in young families with children to sustain that growth. 

Living in Newell I have seen these and other areas where the town could improve.  This is why I am running for mayor.  I want to hear from the good citizens of Newell about all concerns you may have regarding the future of this wonderful town.  I am always willing to listen and as mayor, I will devote all my time for the betterment of Newell.