$20 trillion in debt!

I listened to a speech this past week concerning our country passing the debt level of $20 trillion, by Rand Paul. And he brought out a lot of points that speak to a letter to the editor submitted last week titled “Democrats Care More.”

In Washington it is argued that you are more compassionate (caring) if you give away someone else’s money. Compassion is giving something paid for or that you possess. If you or I would go into your local Walmart and pick something out and just walk out of the store and hand it to someone in the parking lot, I don’t think they would call that compassion.

Politicians that we have elected over the last $20 trillion trip over each other telling us what “BIG HEARTS” they have and how “CARING” they are.

We have been electing these people with “BIG HEARTS, BUT SMALL MINDS”! Nobody has the courage to say “Why don’t we pay for it.”

Our greatest threat to national security at this time is our debt! And yet we continue to argue what party or politician is more compassionate.

We continue to elect these people with these “BIG HEARTS” and send the bill to our children. What a bunch of cowards our generation has proven to be.

It’s past the time we grow up, it’s time to take the keys away from those driving the agenda.


Storm Lake