Life-long Republican can’t back Trump

I have been a life-long Republican, but I’ll never be a Trump Republican. I did not vote for Trump nor did I vote for Clinton.

The hatred or dislike for Trump does not stem from politics or policies. It stems from Trump as a human being.

Here are just a few traits that have been used to describe Trump. They are impossible to refute or deny whether you are a supporter or not. It begins with extreme narcissism, pathological liar, name caller, creates his own reality and lies to support that reality, inability to ever admit he is wrong, or say he’s sorry. This is a textbook definition of a sociopath and that equates to mental instability.

The author who wrote “The Art of the Deal” and worked with Trump says he now regrets his involvement with the book. He spent 18 months on this project and said it was very difficult to write the book because Trump is a pathological liar. This author said, “I put lipstick on a pig.” How in the world could we put someone with that kind of value system in the most important position in this country? I have always respected the office of the President but how can anyone possibly respect this man in that office? How could anyone hold up Trump as a role model for their children and grandchildren?

Does anybody really think that Trump respects his supporters when, as he left a successful primary in 2016, he said, “I love the poorly educated.” Why didn’t he say “and I wish there were more of them?” Trump also said, “I can walk out onto Fifth Avenue in NYC and shoot someone and my supporters would still support me.” He didn’t say it, but it was inferred in the comment, “That’s how stupid they are.” Trump doesn’t respect anyone but himself.

I have to admit that he is a very capable con artist. He conned 50 million voters and a few thousand more in his business life.

I think the thing I’m most pleased about, personally, is that I didn’t sell my soul and my values for politics or a 401K. Oh, I’m also thankful that I didn’t attend Trump University and I wasn’t one of the many victims of Trump’s six bankruptcies.


Storm Lake