Psst, did you vote for Trump?

Last month my wife, Juli, and I went to Washington, DC, as she had meetings serving on an advisory panel for Public Broadcasting as a representative for the State of Iowa.

As usual during the summer the city was full of tourists. I shouldn’t say full, packed. The days were steamy and hot, so I found myself in the museums for the (seventh time) enjoying the air conditioning and the exhibits.

I’m one who can sit on a bench and strike up a conversation with anyone. Even on the subway. I would cautiously say to someone, “Quite a town, huh? and ask where they were from. Then work in a little more direct question “What did you think of the election?” 

Then the fun would begin. They would, without fail, glance left and then right and then say sheepishly “I voted for Trump” and they would get a huge look of relief when I said, “So did I.”

The part that troubles me the most is the media hasn’t figured out they will not separate a Trump voter from Trump. The dysfunctional political infighting of Democrats and Republicans created the Trump voter. The media can squeal all they want and insult me, but it isn’t going to change and here is why.

Politicians had an old axiom when campaigning that was “I’ll win this election, then I’ll fight for you in Washington.” Trump came out and said I’m ready to fight now then winning will take care of itself and it did. He picked many a fight but he wasn’t rolling over like McCain and Romney did when they ran. America rejected the eight-year global apology tour for America and progressive liberal agenda of Barrack Hussein Obama. Plain and simple. 

So, while I was in Washington I never did run across a Hillary voter, or one that would admit it, and I talked to a lot of people. However, I did see tons of disrespect. Such as one man taking a picture of the White House with his “middle finger” in the photo and then a 15-year-old girl asking another bystander, who we met earlier and confessed to saying she voted for Trump, ask her “Why would you take a selfie of a White House that has Trump in it?” Wow, strong words from a teenager.

My final thought is don’t belittle me as a Trump voter. I once oversaw two viable school district budgets that the Affordable Care Act was going to greatly affect with employer mandates and are still hanging there to deal with. Good luck. Sick was sitting in superintendent meetings wondering how we were going to cut low wage earners to avoid the insurance mandates we couldn’t afford. And now, I run my own business and am understanding more than ever that tax reform is needed. At least Trump has given me a glimmer of hope on both issues that either side was not. Not to mention it looks like energy independence is now possible.

Oh, and yes, my 401K is looking pretty good today and psst, I voted for Trump.


Storm Lake