Family & Friends moves inside



Beginning with this issue, we’re making a few changes to The Storm Lake Times to take advantage of our enhanced printing capability. They should be good for our readers.

We are folding our Family & Friends “B” section into this, our “A” section, to make it easier and faster to print the paper. Before we started printing color in every issue, about 20 years ago, the entire issue of The Times was in one section. As we added color and more pages, we had to break the paper into smaller sections because our press wasn’t large enough to handle the increased demand. Our old press could print a maximum of 12 pages in one section with color limited to the front and back. With multiple sections, on press days we had all hands on deck in our back room, inserting the sections by hand into the front section.

The press where we print on now, in Sheldon, is much larger and can handle all the page and color requirements that we had to forego previously. It can print 24 pages in one section with color on every page. By combing the A and B sections and reducing the inserting, we can reduce our press runs and save time and money, while being able to run more pages and more color. A heftier 12-page section also makes it feel more substantial.

And by watching our costs, we won’t have to raise our prices.

The Sports and Classified Advertising section will remain separate so that when The Times is read at home, one person can read one section while a second person reads the other. Just trying to keep peace in the family.

We’re also streamlining TV Times. We’re dropping the cover photo of a celebrity no one cares about and just printing the TV grids without any frills, including all the listings that we’ve had before. We may be the only newspaper in Iowa that still provides a weekly TV listing section to our readers.

Speaking of TV, our website,, now includes ONTVtoday, which features the top TV shows for the day plus listings for streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and HBO Now. You can check it out by going to on your computer or cellphone, scrolling down the right hand side of the screen and clicking on the ONTVtoday box.

Thanks for reading!