Trump trumps transgenders in military

On July 28 Trump reversed Obama’s policy for the military to impose transgender sensitivity, including paying for expensive sex change surgeries. Although I don’t support every move Trump makes, this one was rational on a fiscal basis as well as for cohesiveness of fighting units in battle. Pragmatically, allowing women in an all-volunteer military doubles the recruitment process but there aren’t that many potential transgenders right?

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., esteemed Supreme Court justice, said we need to do the will of the majority and also protect the rights of minorities and Trump’s decision here balances this nicely. I guess this sends us back to “don’t ask, don’t tell” meaning people can still enlist, they just don’t get surgeries at public expense. I could argue if the draft were still in place, transgenders that were drafted might have a better argument here, but I don’t see the draft coming back any time soon.


Storm Lake