Disappointed in Mayor Kruse

I was born and raised in Storm Lake. And 60 years later, I continue to return to the place I love and once called home.

But recent events have changed my feelings towards Storm Lake. The action, or rather lack of action by you, the mayor, has left me extremely embarrassed and disappointed! I no longer look at Storm Lake with pride but rather with disdain.

Art Cullen recently received one of the highest prestige awards given to a journalist. He has been acknowledged by the LA Times, Washington Post and as far away as the United Kingdom! Yet Storm Lake did NOTHING to acknowledge him! Mr. Cullen has brought international attention to the town of Storm Lake! He has been invited to New York for interviews and has been acknowledged by Japan journalists for his acclaimed work, yet his own hometown has failed to acknowledge the award he has received! I find this despicable! Regardless of the topics, Art Cullen has demonstated expertise in subject matter, excellence in writing and has brought to the forefront topics that need to be examined.

As the leader of Storm Lake, it is your duty to recognize and acknowledge successful businesses. But you have failed miserably! You have failed to acknowledge the business who has brought international acclaim to Storm Lake!! Art Cullen has put Storm Lake on the map! He has made millions of people worldwide look at Storm Lake with interest and respect!

I close this letter with a fervent request, that as the mayor of Storm Lake, you put your own political and personal feelings aside and do what is expected of you in your position: show Art Cullen how proud Storm Lake is to have such a notable journalist in their midst!

Respectfully yet greatly disappointed, I sign off.


Lincoln, Neb.