Kruse will not pursue re-election

I will not be running for re-election as Mayor of Storm Lake for another term.  I have had the privilege of serving the citizens of Storm Lake as a City Council member for 10 years before serving as Mayor for the past 18 years. During that time I have had the privilege and the honor of serving with many council members and city staff, all of whom have been dedicated to serving their community and making it the best that it can be.  Thanks to all of you for your dedication and support. 

Mike Porsch intends to be a candidate for Mayor in the November election.  Mike has served for eight years on the City Council and additionally the past two years has served as Mayor Pro Tem.  I am endorsing Mike’s candidacy for Mayor.  Mike has served the citizens well while on the City Council providing valuable input, making good decisions, and keeping an open ear to our citizens.  While serving as Mayor Pro Tem the past two years, Mike has proven he has the leadership skills and the background needed to keep our city moving in a positive direction.   I encourage city voters to join me in voting for Mike Porsch for Mayor of Storm Lake on November 7th.

I am proud of the many projects that have been accomplished in the city.  Presently we have a significant number of projects underway that will make Storm Lake a better community.  I would like to stay until they are completed, however, a personal friend who served as a long-term mayor in his community (slightly smaller than Storm Lake), made a statement to me that has resonated. His statement was “if you stay until all projects are complete, you will never leave; there will always be more.”

Over the past 18 years our community has made great strides in making it a better place to live, work, and play.  It’s been a great privilege to represent the city on a variety of fronts in this effort.

When I began as mayor, the city, as stated by the FAIR organization, was considered a place that no one wanted to or should want to live.  Eighteen years later, our community is looked upon as a leader in dealing with the diverse cultures that make up our city.  Our police department has put on presentations all over the country on dealing with our diversity.  We’ve come a long way, but there is still more that will be done.  I consider this our community’s greatest accomplishment during my tenure as mayor. 

Obviously Project Awaysis is right behind diversity on my list.  We undertook a project that was extremely large for a community our size, pulled together and got it done. Thanks go out to those that had the vision to put this together.

Restoring and improving Storm Lake by dredging, private land watershed protection, Little Storm Lake project, current and past storm water projects all are part of this restoration effort. Thanks goes out to the many people have played important roles and will continue those roles in this effort.

Our efforts to reduce flooding in our city with the upgrading of our waste treatment system and the many past, current, and future storm water projects are successful in improving our community and its quality of life.  Although there is more to be done on this front, we have made much progress.   Our efforts have resulted in numerous awards, including being named by IEDA as the Model City in Iowa for storm water. 

I am extremely proud to have served the community during a time when other communities have suffered economically and have been in decline.  Storm Lake, due to its strong industrial base, has bucked the trend and continued to grow.  Our local industries have been good community stewards and their growth has been important to our economic base.  Add to that our diversification into tourism and one can see why our community is positioned where it is today. 

Couple the above with a strong education system all the way from pre-school thru high school, the adaptive Iowa Central Community College, the sound and visionary programs at Buena Vista University, and the solid healthcare systems we have in Storm Lake has created a community like none other.  What more could one want?

Thanks also needs to go out to the many community supporters, i.e. business and industry leaders, leaders of the various other entities, and the citizens who have had the vision and who have worked together to make the city what it is today.

I’m proud to have had a small part in positioning our community where it is today.  Thanks to all of you that have helped make our community what it is.  Just know that I will continue to advocate for Storm Lake every opportunity that I have.


City of Storm Lake