In response to ‘Heir to Ignoramus’

I am responding to the editorial on your website at:

The assertion in your recent editorial that “coal is not coming back” is at odds with the latest statistics released by the Department of Labor. The Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded an increase in mining jobs by a whopping 47,000 “since reaching a recent low point in October 2016”. The website for the Bureau’s June 2nd news release is:

In addition, the National Miners Association (NMA) reported that direct jobs for coal miners have increased by 2,000 over last year. The NMA said that new coal mines are opening and existing mines are being expanded in Alabama, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The amount of coal used to generate electricity jumped by 23% in March alone.

Do anti-coal climate change activists care that coal provides good paying jobs for thousands of Americans and is an affordable and abundant supply of electricity for millions of families?

I just wish that Canada would follow President Trump’s lead, and allow consumers to decide what energy source to use through the free market. Trying to close down the coal industry or increase the cost of electricity for homes and businesses, due to exaggerated climate change concerns, makes no sense.

Tom Harris, B. Eng., M. Eng. (Mech.)

Executive Director, International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada