Free boat rides on Storm Lake

Once upon a time, on a big lake, there were huge waves, and a strong wind, while a man slept in the stern of a boat, while his mates feared for their lives, so they woke Jesus, and yes, he quieted those winds and waves, and this is written down, and I heard the story read in a Bible class just Sunday, right here in Storm Lake, and it struck me, then and there, that we have been seeing big waves and winds here also, and I felt compelled to bring this story alive by using my fishing boat for Bible study on our own lake here and now and I figured offering free boat rides might just bring people closer to this truth.

So I talked with some mates with boats, and each Saturday morning, at 9 am,  all summer, we will have a few boats at the floating armada of docks at King’s Pointe, ready to disembark for an excursion on the lake, and yes, we will have life preservers available, so come as you are, maybe for the ride of your life.  King’s Pointe has a wonderful buffet breakfast, reasonably priced, maybe have breakfast first, and if it rains, breakfast will be the event, capish?  If the boats do go out, we will stop for some studies, and discussion of matters from that book, maybe with fishing stories, or boat stories, maybe storm stories, which might be an excellent chance for a person to throw a hook in the water, fishing you know, which will be optional, so yes, bring a rod and tackle, and a valid fishing license if that is your pleasure, but in any event, come for the ride, and bring your troubles or concerns, and maybe together we can make sense of whatever storms you weather.

Now, back to that story from once upon a time. Jesus had just fed thousands with just a few fishes and loaves, and he was exhausted from the effort, apparently, and maybe the powers that were were pursuing him and his several boats, maybe that was why his father brought up that storm, to help his group elude capture, just a thought, and you could argue that point either way if you want, I’m game. You have heard it said that “it is an I’ll wind that brings no good” and last night, we had a terrific wind, and a few farmers must be glad for the rains that came with it, as was I, but that is an other story.  Well, in that boat story they crossed that lake, to the other side, and he took a legion of demons that were tormenting a guy, and sent them into a herd of pigs, that then stampeded over a cliff, into the lake, Now, I’m not saying we’ll have that guy, Jesus, available for a personal appearance, but if we have three or more, he said he would be there in spirit, so if you have demons tormenting you, even legions, bring ‘em on, what better way to shake em, than by going out on the water with fishers, maybe with baited hooks, just remember, the boat ride is free, and come as you are, ready or not, and that’s that.


Storm Lake