Save The Leopold Center

Congrats on the Pulitizer!

The struggle to protect our state's soil, water, and rural communities continues on. I'm a 4th generation ISU grad working with some of my former student cohort to save the Leopold Center from the chopping block.

We've received 550 petition signatories in 48 hours and plan to fill the room at the budget hearing Monday morning.

Here's the site we have up about our efforts:

Here's our petition:

There's a lot at stake with these cuts, and I think it'd fit well into your continued coverage about private influence over science/policy regarding agriculture in the state.

The bill would cut Leopold Center's funding and move it to ISU's Nutrient Management Center, which is Orwellian for "Water Pollution Center."  The Leopold Center has been under attack for a long time, but remains an island in the otherwise toxic sea of corporate influence at ISU. As a student at ISU, the Leopold Center was where I found mentorship and inspiration for public science addressing water pollution and social change...they funded some of my research, as they have countless others. Whereas most ISU ag alumni go on to work for industry, those of us in the sustainable ag program with connection to the Center go on to work in the public sector.