New workers comp law is unfair to older Iowans

The other day we asked our Republican representative, Gary Worthan, why he and other Republican politicians were supporting anti-worker amendments to the Iowa Workers Compensation laws. His explanation was that they were rectifying changes made to the laws in the last 10 years that transformed the courts into a “playground for plaintiff trial lawyers.”

This response was surprising coming from a “so-called” serious representative whose self-proclaimed motto is that “good legislation comes from good information.” It is also an explanation that is ludicrous on its face.

One of the more draconian provisions of the new laws promulgated by Gary and his gang are changes that proclaim that Iowa workers over 67-years-old are entitled to only 30% of the benefits of workers under 67.

Maybe it’s time for you folks over 67 who are still working to call Gary Worthan and ask him why he and the other Republicans believe you’re so old you’re only worth 30% as much as the younger working population.


Still-working 67-year-old

Storm Lake