Midway through session



District 6, R-Vail

Last week was the first funnel week in the legislature. It is one of the busiest weeks of the session. Things will start to slow down from here on out.  We are now more than half way through this session. The final day of last week we had 11 bills to go through the Human Resources committee. Our first meeting of the day had a slow start because of all the amendments being delivered at the start of the meeting and a large crowd on hand to watch. The committee recessed until the end of the day to finish our discussion of the bills.

We reconvened later that evening with our amendments ready and were able to move all 11 bills on for further debate on floor.  The most important bill to advance  was SF53 or better known as the 20-week abortion bill. This bill bans abortions after the twentieth week of pregnancy, which is before the third trimester. Other bills passed were SF 222 which allows doctors to treat Lyme disease in Iowa, a bill that allows dental hygienists to do educational training in their communities, a bed tracking bill to improve the search for available mental health crisis beds in the state, a bill to extend the use of medical cannabinoid oils in the state, and finally a bill that would allow the disabled to receive care in the home of a sibling at a daily rate, which is cheaper than sending them to an institutional provider. We finished the last bill Thursday evening. All 11 bills on our agenda passing through the Human Resources Committee is a tribute to all the great work done by the subcommittees.  

My back is still giving me trouble, but I will “Endeavor to Persevere.” It is an honor to serve you.