Draining the Swamp?

Candidate Donald Trump claimed that he would clean up Washington. Since the election he has: 1) refused (unlike any other recent president) to divest his businesses or disclose what those businesses are, which leaves huge opportunities for secret corruption, 2) tried (unsuccessfully) to dump pollution cleanup costs on taxpayers claiming his business had no connection whatever to a business owned by his son, 3) suggested we should use torture, which is a war crime, 4) issued an unconstitutional ban on travel then fired the acting Attorney General who dared tell him the truth. 5) called a Republican judge a “so-called judge” after he was one of several who ruled against the travel ban, 6) said we should have taken Iraq’s oil then nominated for Secretary of State a man who was CEO of Exxon/Mobil, 7) nominated for Secretary of Education a woman who never attended or worked in a public school, didn’t send her children to one, and refused to commit to hold charter schools to high standards, 8) nominated for Secretary of Energy a man who wanted to abolish the dept. and had no idea that it was in charge of nuclear weapons labs, 9) nominated for EPA head a man who denies humans are causing climate change and repeatedly sued the EPA to allow increased pollution, 10) nominated for budget director a man who violated tax law, 11) nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services a man who engaged in illegal insider trading on health company stocks, 12) nominated for Secretary of Defense a man not legally eligible for the post, 13) nominated for Secretary of Treasury a man whose bank illegally foreclosed on thousands of people and lied about it in his confirmation hearing, 14) nominated for Attorney General a man who was denied confirmation for a judgeship by the Senate because he was a racist, 15) included his ultraright wing political analyst and his son in law in national security decisions, 16) infuriated our close allies Australia and Mexico, 17) removed any mention of Jews from a statement about a Holocaust memorial event, 18) falsely claimed without evidence that millions of people illegally voted for Clinton, 19) lied that his inauguration crowd was larger than Obama’s, 20) suppressed free speech by denying funding to organizations that even mention the word abortion.

That’s not cleaning up Washington. The old swamp had yucky algae. The new one is full of sewage and toxic waste.


Storm Lake