Trump on immigration: Never mind



Donald Trump told Lesley Stahl of CBS News’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday that he really didn’t mean what he said all during the campaign about deporting 10 million undocumented immigrants, starting on Day One of his presidency.

Trump said he wants to deport some three million criminal undocumenteds, which the Obama Administration has been doing all along. Obama deported more immigrants than the two Bush Administrations and Clinton combined. Trump will maintain the legacy.

Once he gets the wall built and they ship out all the criminals, then they will get around to the children of undocumented immigrants brought here with no choice in the matter. The “really nice ones,” as Trump calls them. The ones without permanent residency who were spared deportation by orders from President Obama.

He will get around to the nice ones later.


Trump didn’t say.

He appeared to throw out almost everything he said that attracted so many rednecks to his cause: Ship out the Mexicans and then our lives will be better.

The joke is on them.

And the Latinos.

Trump said, in essence, that he intends to maintain the status quo.

Forget Steve King. Forget the KKK. Forget all the fear. Trump said nobody has anything to fear, including Hillary Clinton. “Lock her up” has been locked away. She is a nice person, too, Trump told Stahl. And he told Stahl that she looked fantastic. He called the reporter “honey.” He was feeling finer than frog fur.

So what the heck. Let the kids hang around until I figure out where to send them, if anywhere.

Because, really, the status quo is the easiest way to go for most everyone but the immigrants. Who cares about them?

Steve King will still have a cause — ship them out, defend the Constitution. Democrats still have a tremendous fundraising tool — they send cash appeals to Silicon Valley every time King or Louie Gohmert open their mouths. They will never spend a nickel defeating King because they can’t and because they would no longer have a foil.

Employers like the current dysfunction because it keeps workers’ heads down. You will not organize if signing up could be your deportation warrant.

The private-sector prison industry loves it. It has constituencies all over the country making scads of money detaining women and children who fled Latin America out of fear, oppression and poverty. Trunp will maintain what has been built over 30 years and two political parties.

Because, in the end, there are only two constituencies who really demand reform:

• The Latinos, who are considered by the core of Trump’s base to be human cockroaches.

• The rednecks, who think the Latinos took the jobs they never would apply for. Trump is laughing at them as hard as Clinton tried to ignore them or deplore them.

At the margins, the school teachers, social workers, university professors and the police officers wish there were a more orderly system. If they all voted for immigrants, Trump would not be president. He would not have won Iowa.

Already the children in second grade here in Storm Lake are telling their friends goodbye. Their parents told them they would have to move to another place, maybe another country. Teenagers are going underground. Trump says they should not be afraid. He said he will get around to them. It will all be fantastic.

The rednecks might not care at this point if he really does deport the Dreamers, so long as they are kept in their place. A quiet place.

They got him elected. They flashed The Bird at the establishment.

Job done.

In the end, they don’t really want to crack eggs or cut hogs or shingle houses. They want to think that when America is great again they can get a house along the lakeshore, too. And if that doesn’t work out for them, well, then we’ll get around to those nice people who are keeping them down.

Or maybe not. It just depends.