Worthan represents experienced leadership

We are now thoughtfully considering our representation for the next two years in the Iowa House.  We have been ably represented by Gary Worthan since 2007. 

Gary with fellow Republican legislators were part the legislative turnaround of a state budget deficit of over $900 million to a surplus.  Because of this budget surplus many economists now rank Iowa as one of the best fiscal managed states.  At the same time, state-wide K-12 education funding has increased 17.7% or a growth of nearly $470 million.  Gary’s leadership is further shown as he managed a legislated transportation corridor for industries needing the ability to truck exceptionally large loads to neighboring states.

Buena Vista and Sac counties have benefitted from this experienced leadership, and I will cast my vote for Gary Worthan this upcoming election.  I urge you to join me.

Steve Wiliams