Diversity in our community is a win/win for all

Congratulations, Art, on a great editorial about the food cart issue in Storm Lake and Alta. If a businessman follows all the rules, purchasing all the necessary licenses, permits, etc. required, why can’t he pursue his food cart business? For years I have seen food carts at auctions and community events selling hot dogs and snacks and no one has complained. Does anyone complain about the farmers who sell their sweet corn and vegetables this time of year from the back of a pick-up at the side of the road? Are they properly licensed? Do they pay taxes for the privilege?

If we don’t embrace change in our community, we die. The diversity in our town has offered us many chances to grow and embrace other cultures and ideas. We are lucky to have these opportunities! Not to mention a chance to try new cuisine! On a trip to Portland, Oregon, I saw a dozen food carts circling a downtown city park with people everywhere. Trying new tastes and dining experiences, they were visiting with each other and having a wonderful time. I might mention that the restaurants in the area were also full. More choices bring more customers, more customers bring more business, and more business helps our town in increased taxes. It’s a win/win! Let’s be progressive and encourage new and different types of business.



Storm Lake