The GOP is anti-immigrant? Hello!


House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and the rest of them are apoplectic that their Republican Party standard bearer, Donald Trump, embraces the anti-immigrant position of its nativist core. Ryan and McConnell must defend congressional seats in the November election, and when Trump goes off on a Mexican-American judge as being a “hater” they see their electoral prospects decline a little more.

Donald Trump is no different than Steve King or Rick Bertrand or Ted Cruz. They all want to build a wall along the border to stop the flow of immigrants that actually stopped about seven years ago when the US economy tanked. They want to ship those women and children back to Honduras and El Salvador, crammed into concrete detention blocks, into the hands of death squads roaming their native lands.

They want to deport millions of undocumented immigrants from places like Storm Lake — hard-working people whose only crime is fleeing destitution and repression for liberty.

Ryan could have done something about it. He could press for comprehensive immigration reform. He could have taken on the Know-Nothing caucus in the House led by King. Ryan could have supported John Boehner. Bertrand could have condemned King’s incessant slanders against Latinos but he went along with a smile to sell it as his own.

(Meanwhile, those kids with calves the size of canteloupes got them by playing soccer, not running drugs. Those same Dreamers despised by 27 Republican governors suing the Obama Administration so these youth can be deported led Storm Lake to the state soccer championship game last weekend. The entire town cheered them on.)

The likes of Donald Trump, Steve King and Ted Cruz have come to define Republican politics.

The only area where Trump and Ryan/McConnell actually disagree is on the Trans Pacific Trade Partnership. They all want to privatize Social Security, dismantle the Affordable Care Act and replace it with nothing, and turn the Middle East into a sheet of glass. Their other differences are window dressing.

McConnell inferred over the weekend that Trump was not giving proper judicial deference as a presidential candidate. Off to the side, the majority leader is coaching Chuck Grassley on how to hold up Merrick Garland’s nomination as a Supreme Court justice. It appears they will get away with it. They have no problems with whoever Trump might nominate instead — and we can assume he would not be a Latino or Muslim, but it would be someone who likes to punch people in the nose.

Bob Ray’s Republican Party is long gone. Dwight Eisenhower is dead. Bob Dole is left to wonder what happened.

McConnell is right. It started in 1964 with the Goldwater revolution (much of which Goldwater later left in the trans bin of history) and opposition to the Civil Rights Act. They lost the black vote forever, when Barack Obama was just three. King and Trump tried to tell us that Obama was born in Kenya. Grassley said he wasn’t sure.

Now they are running off the Latino and Asian voting blocs, the fastest growing in the nation.

They think they can fool us into thinking that they are not trying to ship Latinos out, hold Asians back and prevent blacks from voting. They can feint toward Trump and say it’s all on him.

But King was there before him, spewing his hate.

Trump is just riding the wave.

Chuck Grassley will get away with it. He will be re-elected by claiming he is a champion for judicial independence while refusing to do his job as Senate Judiciary Committee chairman.

But not quite.

Ryan and McConnell both know, by endorsing one day and disavowing the next, that Trump is bound for a massive electoral defeat. President Hillary Clinton will nominate the next Supreme Court justice, and Grassley will be forced to work for a living. She may have a Democratic majority in the Senate to work with, thanks to the decades of hard work by the right wing that took over the Republican Party. Trump is making clear in vulgar, straight-forward language, what the Republican Party really stands for in 2016. There is no sunlight between Trump, Grassley, King and Ryan. They are all bound to the same root.

And Latinos know it.

They, too, are lost forever.

And there will be more of them than there are angry white males who think they’re being held down by someone in black pumps and a pantsuit.