Intoxicated man pepper sprayed by SLPD

Police conducted a bar check at Mo’s Bar on Saturday at 11:31 p.m. Upon entering the bar, police observed a person allegedly yelling and acting in a disorderly fashion in the bar. 

Police made contact with the person and identified him as Aaron Mendenhall, 29, of Sioux Rapids. 

According to police, Mendenhall was intoxicated and instructed a female companion to take him home.  Mendenhall reportedly became belligerent and refused to leave. 

Police arrested Mendenhall, at which time he allegedly resisted arrest and was taken to the floor where police sprayed him with a chemical reagent and subdued him. 

Police transported Mendenhall to Buena Vista Regional Medical Center where he was treated for exposure to pepper spray.  At the medical center police report he continued to be loud and disruptive.

Police transferred Mendenhall to the county jail where he was charged with public intoxication (second offense), disorderly conduct and interference with official acts. 

He was booked into Buena Vista County Jail on a $1,600 bond.