Early school locked down

Man in nearby home with two kids, guns

The middle school at Early was locked down briefly as the Sac County Sheriff coaxed an armed man out of his home Wednesday morning.

The sheriff was called to 111 Cross St. in Early Wednesday because of an irate man, armed with a shotgun with two children in the house.

The sheriff’s office received a welfare check request from the employer of a woman who lived at the address.

The employer reported that the employee did not show up for work and when they called, an irate man, identified as Jonathan Levi Willroth, 26, of Early, answered.

The employer was concerned for the woman’s safety.

The call was updated that the female from 111 Cross St. was at Casey’s in Early and that her two young children were still in the house with her ex-husband, who was armed with a shotgun.

A loose perimeter was established and neighbors to 111 Cross St. were called and asked to leave their homes.

Several calls were made to contact Willroth.

Willroth answered the phone after a few calls and followed instructions to come outside, where he was taken into custody.

Ridge View Superintendent Dave Kwikkel told The Storm Lake Times that the school in Early was locked down as a precaution.

Sheriff’s officials entered the home and found two children, an 8-year-old girl and 5-year-old boy uninjured.

During an investigation it was learned that on Tuesday afternoon, Willroth allegedly sexually assaulted his ex-wife and threatened to shoot her with a shotgun.

Willroth was charged with sexual assault, going armed with intent, assault while participating in a felony and domestic abuse assault with a firearm.

Willroth is behing held in the Sac County Jail on a $22,000 cash bond.