Police clear perceived attempt at kidnapping

Girl did right to call police, but suspect was actually trying to protect her from dog

On Friday afternoon Storm Lake Police were called to the intersection of East 13th and Seneca Street because an older man in a car with a dog motioned to a young girl after she got off the school bus.

The seven-year-old girl ignored the man and called the police.

After speaking with police it turns out the girl misinterpreted the man’s actions. He was instead telling the girl to stay away for fear the dog could hurt her.

The man did in fact gesture to the girl, as he was holding on to the large dog that can be aggressive that he was delivering to a residence near the reported incident of the location.

In the end, the girl did the right thing, say police.

Police put out an announcement at 3:45 p.m. Friday describing the man and his vehicle.

After broadcasting on The Storm Lake Times website, Facebook and Twitter pages the man in question was able to contact the police and was interviewed to clear up the situation.

The man explained he did not want the girl to be alarmed and that the young girl misinterpreted his actions.

After an investigation police could find no wrong doing on the part of the adult male and believe his actions were misinterpreted by the young girl.

The investigation has been closed.

Police did reinforce to the young girl and her family that reporting such actions and observations is important and that nothing was done wrong on the part of the child in this matter.

Police encourage all suspicious activity to be reported to the police department.

“With the support of the local and regional media in this matter we were able to get the information out quickly and in a large area,” Public Safety Director Mark Prosser said. “This led to the person of interest coming forward on Friday evening and assisting the police department in confirming that no threat existed. We appreciate the assistance of our local and regional media outlets.”