Calling all Storm Lake baby boomers

This is an example of Connie Luhman's artwork. You can see more on her website,


Connie (North) Luhman, Storm Lake High School class of 1976, needs your help. She is planning an exhibit of her artwork at the Witter Gallery in 2016. For her show, she is making a timeline of events in Storm Lake with concurrent events happening in the nation. Connie is looking for pictures of Storm Lake landmarks from the 60s and 70s for her art exhibit. For instance, she would like pictures of the Cone E Corner, the high school as it was finishing in the early 60s, Hayes Elementary School, the KC Hall or the ice cream place called Zesto, as well as other places.

“We were in Storm Lake years ago on July 4th and saw the Mexican dancers with their beautiful dresses on the tennis court. It was just gorgeous,” Connie commented. “It would be great to have photos of that, too.”                          

To send pictures, you can e-mail them to Connie Luhman at or you can send the hard copy to Connie Luhman, 2000 Roundtable, Sergeant Bluff, IA 51054. She is grateful for everyone’s help.

Connie’s parents are Bob North of Newell and the late Kay North. Storm Lake natives will remember her grandparents, the late Thurman and Evelyn North, who were professional skaters and ran a Rollerdome at the Cobblestone.

You can find out more about her artwork at

“I’ve loved drawing since I was a child,” Connie mentioned. “I would get lost for hours just doing a sketch – working shadows and highlights and working details. As I got older, I was introduced to crayons! I loved color then and I love it now. Then I got busy raising my kids and worked full time putting art off until 2007, when I took my first painting class. Now I am working toward being a specialist in watercolor.”