Police Blotter

Screaming SL woman cited for kicking in door

On Thursday at 9 p.m. police were called to 207 Geneseo St. #4 because of a disturbance in progress.

Officers arrived and found a woman in the hallway of the apartment allegedly attempting to kick in the door to apartment #4.

Police intervened and took Demitria Parker-White, 28, of Storm Lake into custody.

Police were told that Parker-White had allegedly broken a window and a taillight on a 1996 Buick that was parked in a garage at the apartment complex.

Damage was estimated at $300.

She then reportedly proceeded to apartment #4 where she was screaming obscenities through the apartment door towards a male resident while at the same time trying to kick the door in.

Police charged Parker-White with attempted burglary, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

She was booked and held on $6,300 bond.        


Wanted man jailed

A Storm Lake Police Officer on patrol Friday at 12:44 p.m. observed a person previously ordered off of private property allegedly trespassing at the apartment complex located in the 600 block of West Ninth St.

Police contacted the suspect, Jermaine Ford, 21, of Storm Lake, who was accompanied by Arraton Denton Jr., 23, of Chicago, Ill., who police were aware was wanted by the Storm Lake Police Department on outstanding warrants.

Police arrested Ford and charged him with criminal trespass.

He was booked and held on a $300 bond.

Police also arrested Denton on outstanding SLPD warrants charging him with assault and harassment.

The charges stem from an incident which occurred at the West Ninth Street apartment complex on Nov. 10.

Denton was booked on a $600 bond.