Middle schoolers grind up drugs, pass mix around

They repackage powder into pills

Storm Lake police say three middle school girls ground up prescription drugs, mixed them together, repackaged them as pills and pawned them off on a fourth student.

Police were called to Storm Lake Middle School Tuesday at 3:31 p.m. School officials said that they had recovered a baggie that was used to mix a variety of medications and then distribute the contents to students at the middle school.

Police say that two juvenile females, 14 and 13, both of Storm Lake took a variety of medications including prazocin, pseudoephedrine, Ris­per­dal and escitalopram and mixed the powders together by crushing them and then placed the combined substances into capsules.

The girls allegedly took the capsules to the middle school on Tuesday and gave them to a third juvenile.

That juvenile allegedly distributed the capsules to a fourth unknown student at the school. Police said Wednesday they had not yet been able to determine who that student was or if more drugs might have been distributed.

Storm Lake Police arrested all three juveniles and charged them with prohibited acts – provided a prescription drug to a minor.

All three juveniles were processed and released to their parents pending a court date.

The Storm Lake Police Department strongly urges parents to inventory their prescription medications and to secure them. The practice of combining medications and consuming them can have devastating affects on the person consuming them.

The case has been forwarded to the Juvenile Court Authority.