Man pleads guilty to theft charge

Stole over $1,000 from McDonalds

Tracy Jacobson of Schleswig was sentenced on Monday to an intermediate term of prison not to exceed five years for theft.

Jacobson pled guilty to the theft charge and admitted to stealing a bank deposit bag, which contained $1,084 from the McDonalds and $370 from a co-worker’s purse.

Jacobson worked at the McDonalds.

Jacobson has a criminal history that includes felonies for theft and lascivious acts with a child.

The prison term in this case was the result of a plea agreement between Jacobson and the prosecutor.

Jacobson agreed to be sentenced to prison and the prosecutor agreed not to file a habitual offender enhancement, which would require Jacobson to serve a minimum of three of his five-year prison term.

Jacobson has been ordered to pay full restitution to the victims, fines and court costs associated with the criminal case.

His appeal bond is set at $5,000.