SL woman could face five years in prison for forgery, theft

Reportedly stole money from father

Danica Mosley, 19, of Storm Lake pled guilty to forgery and two counts of theft after she was accused of stealing and fraudulently writing checks without the account holders’ permission.

According to police reports Mosley wrote checks to herself on several occasions stolen from Marian and Noel Duffy of Fort Dodge and from her father Michael Mosley of Storm Lake.

On three separate occasions she then successfully convinced victims to cash the forged checks for her by depositing the check into the victim’s bank account, withdrawing the cash and giving the cash to Mosley.

Later, the forged checks would bounce, leaving the victims’ checking accounts short by the amount of the cashed, forged check.

Mosley could face up to five years in prison and receive a fine of $11,250 plus surcharges, attorney fees and court costs.

Mosley would be required to pay full restitution to all of the victims totaling $1,340.

Sentencing is set for Nov. 25 at 9:30 a.m.