Man gets 20 years in prison

Charged with four counts of sexual abuse        

On Monday Jaime Lopez-Ordonez, 35, was sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to four counts of sexual abuse.

The sexual abuse acts took place between 2008 and 2011 when the victim was a minor between 14-15 years old.

Lopez-Ordonez is required to register and comply with the Sex Offender Registry and will be placed on parole with the Department of Corrections for the remainder of his life, after his release from prison.

Lopez-Ordonez is also ordered to pay $2,400 in fines, penalties and surcharges along with the sum of court costs, court appointed attorney fees and any restitution.

Lopez-Ordonez was arrested on April 3 after the Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office had received complaints of the alleged sexual abuse acts.

He was held in the Buena Vista County Jail until the trial.

He was represented by Gregory E. Jones, Assistant Public Defender of Sioux City.

The State of Iowa appeared by Assistant BV County Attorneys Julian West and Liz LaPole.

Senior status Iowa District Judge John Duffy presided at sentencing.