No parking on south side of BVU stadium during games

Still okay on south side of the street

Storm Lake Public Safety announced Monday that for safety purposes, the north side of West Lakeshore Drive from College Street west to Grand Avenue will be made a temporary “No Parking Zone” during home football games and other large events at BVU Stadium.

Buena Vista University requested the “No Parking Zone” on the north side of the street following ongoing and increasing concerns for the safety of pedestrians near the stadium.

Storm Lake Police along with the Storm Lake Traffic Safety Team reviewed the request and decided to establish a temporary No Parking Zone on the north side of West Lakeshore Drive immediately south of the BVU Football Stadium on the days of home games and other events at the stadium.

Police determined that the No Parking Zone would eliminate approximately 31 parking slots.

The parking lots located at West Third Street and College Street northeast of the stadium had a sizeable quantity of unused parking spaces at this past week’s home game and that more than adequate parking was available on campus at several other university parking lots.

Effective at the next home BVU football game, no parking signs will be posted at 6 a.m. on the morning of the games and the signs will be removed after traffic slows down following home games and other events at the stadium.

Three home games remain for BVU: Oct. 5, Oct. 26 and Nov. 16.

The Storm Lake Police Department said that vehicles in violation of the “No Parking Zone” could be ticketed and towed; however, the police department will be working closely with the university to ensure an adequate period of adjustment is provided during this change in parking patterns.