Police Blotter

SL man runs from police, hit by Taser

Police were called to 209 Roberts St. because of a report of a fight on Sunday night.

Police observed two men standing outside the residence when they arrived on the scene. As officers approached the two, one man, Armando Sarmiento, 57, of Storm Lake, allegedly ran back inside the house.

Officers ordered Sarmiento to stop and after Sarmiento ignored officers’ commands, the officer deployed his Taser, striking Sarmiento in the back.

He was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

Police determined that Sarmiento got into a verbal argument with a friend outside of the residence and began hitting the victim.

Sarmiento was transported to Buena Vista Regional Medical Center where he was treated for two punctures from the Taser.

He was then transported to the Buena Vista County Jail and charged with assault, disorderly conduct and interference with official acts.

He was booked and held on a $900 bond.


Teen allegedly assaults girlfriend, punches window

Police were called to the intersection of West Sixth Street and Ontario Street Thursday evening because of a domestic assault report.

Police made contact with a vehicle that was leaving and contacted a passenger who was bleeding from a severe laceration to his arm. The injured person was a 17-year-old male from Varina.

An ambulance responded to the scene and paramedics treated the injured 17-year-old and transported him to Buena Vista Regional Medical Center for additional treatment.

After an investigation police say that the 17-year-old male assaulted his girlfriend and then punched out a garage window at 311 West Sixth St., which caused a laceration to his arm.

He flagged down a vehicle to take him to the hospital, at which time police arrived.

Police charged the 17-year-old with domestic assault and criminal mischief.

The case has been forwarded to the Juvenile Court Authority.


Man jailed on warrant

The Storm Lake Police Department was sent to 201 Seneca St. on Thursday afternoon to locate a wanted person.

After police arrived they located and arrested Juan Quinones-Saavedra, 52, of Storm Lake, on a warrant in connection with driving while barred.

He was booked into Buena Vista County Jail and held without bond.


Women arrested after fight

Two women were fighting Thursday morning at the 500 block of Oates Street when police were called.

Police took one woman into custody near the street and the second woman was located and taken into custody inside of Gingerbread House on 525 Oates St.

The women were Katrina Boato, 27, and Kollo Wada, 53, both of Storm Lake.

According to police, a physical altercation occurred between the two women. Boato allegedly had her three-year-old child with her during the fight.

Police arrested both women and charged Wada with disorderly conduct. She was booked on a $300 bond.

Boato was charged with disorderly conduct and child endangerment. She was booked on a $2,300 bond.

The three-year-old was released to a family member and was unharmed.

A report was made to the Iowa Department of Human Services.


Woman buys beer for minor

Two people were arrested Saturday night after police witnessed a woman purchasing alcohol for a minor.

A police officer observed a female leaning in the driver’s side window of a vehicle in the parking lot of Al’s Liquors.

The vehicle then pulled behind Long Lines as the female entered Al’s Liquors where she purchased an 18-pack of beer.

The female then entered the vehicle behind Long Lines.

The officer identified her as Ahsaki Khaoorn, 21, of Storm Lake. The driver of the other vehicle was a 17-year-old boy.

Police say Khaoorn purchased the beer for the minor and then went behind Long Lines to make the exchange.

Police located and seized the 18-pack of beer from the minor’s vehicle, along with a small amount of marijuana.

Khaoorn was transported to Buena Vista County Jail where she was charged with supplying alcohol to minors. She was booked on a $1,000 bond.

The minor was transported to the Storm Lake Police Department where he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of alcohol as a minor.

The boy was released into the custody of his parents with a referral to juvenile court services.


Man arrested at local bar

Storm Lake Police were sent to Mo’s bar on Saturday night at 707 Lake Ave. because of an intoxicated man refusing to leave.

Police identified the man as Daniel Hofer, 21, of Menno, S.D.

After speaking with witnesses police say Hofer was falling off his bar stool, at which time the bartender told him to leave. Hofer remained inside and argued with other patrons.

Police determined Hofer was intoxicated and he was taken into custody. He was transported to BV County Jail and charged with trespassing and public intoxication. He was held on a $600 bond.


Woman arrested, restrained by police outside of club

Maria Martinez, 30, of Storm Lake, was arrested outside of Malarky’s Night Club on Saturday morning.

Martinez reportedly became combative and was restrained by police.

Police charged her with public intoxication and interference with official acts. She was booked into Buena Vista County Jail on a $600 bond.