Dynamite found at Newell farm

Buena Vista County Sheriff Gary Launderville said old explosives were found Monday afternoon at a rural farm northeast of Newell.

The Buena Vista County Sheriff’s Office received a report of items found that were believed to be dynamite at 2345 590th St.

Deputies responded and determined the items to be dynamite and other related items, which were located in an outbuilding. The area was secured and the State Fire Marshal’s Office was contacted. The Newell Fire Department also responded to the scene.

The State Fire Marshal’s then disposed of the dynamite on scene.

The dynamite was determined to be extremely old and had been stored on the property by previous owners.

It is important to remember that if suspicious explosive items such as dynamite, blasting caps or gunpowder are found, do not attempt to move them as age makes these items become extremely unstable.

Immediately contact authorities and get a safe distance away.