Cops recover handguns that look just like real thing

Officers held two men down at gunpoint Wednesday night after the duo staged a shootout in an apartment alleyway with airsoft pistols.

Police were sent to 1326 Erie St. at about 10 p.m. after a report was called in about a male with a bandana over his face reportedly brandishing a handgun outside their apartment.

Once officers arrived they saw two males hiding in an alleyway, both armed with handguns. Police ordered the two people to the ground at gunpoint, disarmed the guns and took them into custody.

Police learned the adult and juvenile male were using airsoft pistols, which resemble actual firearms and were playing with the look alike weapons near the apartment complex.

Airsoft pistols are realistic looking pistols that shoot plastic projectiles.

Police seized three airsoft guns and lectured the adult and juvenile with his parents. Both were released without charges.

“A terrible tragedy was averted Wednesday night thanks to the restraint and training of our police officers,” Public Safety Director Mark Prosser said.

“Parents and adults must recognize that these airsoft types of weapons look real and will be dealt with as if they are real. Common sense and safety must be a high priority when allowing a child to use one of these pistols.