There has been a lot on the news about weapons. A weapon can be small or large — all are dangerous. I know a little about small weapons and have heard a lot about the big ones.

Growing up I went hunting many times with an older brother or a friend. We didn’t hunt for pleasure. We hunted because many times that was the only meat we had for the table. Our favorite game was rabbits, either cottontail or jack rabbits. We also hunted squirrels, pheasants and a few waterfowl.

My brother Bill was shot when he and a couple of friends were shooting rats at the city dump. The bullet was so close to his heart the doctors decided it was best to just leave it and not operate. Later he enlisted in the army for two years. When his tour of duty was up he was able to have the bullet removed. It had been in his body for about seven years.

I served in the Army with the Second Infantry Division. My favorite weapon was an M-1 rifle. I tied for best shot in our company. We both had 193 out of a possible 210. We were in a game for the best shot and split the pot for $65 each. At that time my monthly take-home pay was $27. One of the officers asked me how I learned to shoot that well and I said, “If I missed we sometimes had no meat for the table.”

My father had two guns, a shotgun and a rifle. He never hunted much but if he did he usually came home with something to eat.

When I was about six years old, we woke up to someone kicking our door. My father held the shotgun asking who he was and what he wanted. The man moved the door enough that he could see into our house. Dad held the gun up so he could see it and yelled, “If you come in this house I’ll blow your head off.” We never found out who he was and why he was kicking our door in.

Almost anything can be a weapon. When I was a kid I found a stone battle-axe that was probably used to kill food or maybe people. I’m sure it was at least a thousand years old. Through the years, we have gone from battle-axes to atomic warheads and maybe worse. No one knows until a major war breaks out.

The doomsday clock is ticking very close to midnight. God save us!